Anomaly Detection Resources

A list of useful Anomaly Detection resources, as I find interesting material I will add to this list. - "Awesome" time series anomaly detection list of GitHub. - YouTube playlist of interesting anomaly detection videos I maintain. - Creator of PyOD "yzhao062/anomaly-detection-resources" list of useful stuff. - An interesting r/machinelearning thread. - Public Mendeley group … Continue reading Anomaly Detection Resources

Anomaly Detection Tutorial

always use a meme to kick off a tutorial Here is an anomaly detection tutorial that i created for my boss and the open source community where i work. It's part of some work i have been doing around adding some anomaly detection functionality into our open source monitoring project. Like most ML projects the … Continue reading Anomaly Detection Tutorial

Numpy Feature Engineering – 2x Speed Up Over Pandas!

The Setup This is a little one I was surprised to see. Recently I had a need to do some pretty basic feature engineering to a pandas dataframe prior to training some models. Basically I needed to take differences of each column, apply some smoothing, and then add a number of lagged columns for each … Continue reading Numpy Feature Engineering – 2x Speed Up Over Pandas!

Time series clustering with tslearn

I've recently been playing around with some time series clustering tasks and came across the tslearn library. I was interested in seeing how easy it would be to get up and running some of the clustering functionality that is already built into tslearn, turns out it was quite easy and straight forward, perfect blog post … Continue reading Time series clustering with tslearn