Anomaly Detection using the Matrix Profile

I like an excuse to play with fancy things, so when i first learned about the Matrix Profile for time series analysis, particularly around anomaly detection, i was intrigued. When i learned there was a nice python package (STUMPY) i could just pip install i was outright excited, as one thing i like more than … Continue reading Anomaly Detection using the Matrix Profile

Time series anomaly detection in Go using GoLearn

Output of the Go script. I've posted recently about learning just enough Go to be dangerous over the christmas break, well here is a update on my adventures so far. The below script (which is probably horrible in places if you know Go properly - tips welcome) uses goroutines to pull data from some REST … Continue reading Time series anomaly detection in Go using GoLearn

Anomaly Detection Resources

A list of useful Anomaly Detection resources, as I find interesting material I will add to this list. - "Awesome" time series anomaly detection list of GitHub. - YouTube playlist of interesting anomaly detection videos I maintain. - Creator of PyOD "yzhao062/anomaly-detection-resources" list of useful stuff. - An interesting r/machinelearning thread. - Public Mendeley group … Continue reading Anomaly Detection Resources

Anomaly Detection Tutorial

always use a meme to kick off a tutorial Here is an anomaly detection tutorial that i created for my boss and the open source community where i work. It's part of some work i have been doing around adding some anomaly detection functionality into our open source monitoring project. Like most ML projects the … Continue reading Anomaly Detection Tutorial