Anomaly Detection Resources

A list of useful Anomaly Detection resources, as I find interesting material I will add to this list.

“Awesome” time series anomaly detection list of GitHub.

YouTube playlist of interesting anomaly detection videos I maintain.

– Creator of PyODyzhao062/anomaly-detection-resources” list of useful stuff.

An interesting r/machinelearning thread.

Public Mendeley group for interesting Anomaly Detection papers.

KDD 2020 Tutorial on Anomaly Detection with deep learning. Also has good overview of non dl based approaches.

Picture I drew of different types of anomalies 🙂

PyOD library best python library in this space, or at least fastest to get up and running on. If you just starting to look at Anomaly Detection on time series data, start here.

PySAD is a new and promising looking library for online anomaly detection on time series data.

Anodot is a great product and company in this space (I’ve used them before) and they also have some great whitepapers and thought leadership in this space.

Anomaly Detection tutorial I created in my work.

Anomaly Detection tutorial using pyCaret

Anomaly detection with Tensorflow Google IO 2021 youtube session.

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