“Machine Learning Ireland” slack community

as it looks – made in about 20 seconds in google drawing 🙂

I’ve been thinking for a while that there really should be some go-to online community for people interested in ML and ireland in some way. I was fairly surprised to find that none really existed when i went to find one to join.

So, being the genius that i am, i decided to just make a slack and share it around to see if any interest. I’d be happy to spend a bit of free time trying to nurture and develop such a community as really think it’s something that should exist. There’s lots of great meetups and Python Ireland is great but none really seem to have a online forum/community.

http://irishtechcommunity.com/ is the best i’ve found so far of something already out there but the ML and DS channels in there are a bit barron and i feel like what would be really cool would be something like the the twimlai community (https://twimlai.com/community/ – which is great and 100% worth joining) but with a sort of focus or interest in ireland in some vague way.

anyway tl dr; join the slack maaan! https://join.slack.com/t/machine-learning-ire/shared_invite/zt-lf2z50mt-rcaQ6nQdKsEtjjkY7jZUbg

update: i also made a meetup page, mainly as a sort of place to direct people and seo.

Machine Learning Ireland Slack Community

Dublin, IE
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An online slack community for those interested in machine learning and ireland in some form or another. All welcome!https://join.slack.com/t/machine-learning-ire/shared_invit…

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